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Winter Jetski/Boat Services

VIP Jetski Storage

We want you to enjoy your equipment and time in Ocean City, MD, let us handle the rest.

VIP Summer Storage Rates:

  • Overnight – $50
  • Seasonal (1 Jetski) – $1,350
  • Seasonal (2 Jet Skis) – $2,500
  • Trailers – Free w/ storage
  • Trailers Only – $20 night
  • Floating Dock & Beach options
Any storage option is considered VIP. We will wash, flush, spray engine compartment and cover your Jetski (if you have your own cover) after each use.
Ready to ride? Call us 30 mins before your arrival and we will have your Jetski uncovered and ready for your enjoyment.
When you’re finished just let us know and we will take care of the rest. Your job is to relax and have fun.
Fuel Sales:
  • Start a fuel tab and we will make sure your Jetski is fueled before your arrival.
  • Regular and Premium options available

Service Shop

Light service & repairs on all major brands

  • Batteries, spark plugs, steering/reverse cables, etc.
  • Sunk ski repairs
  • Towing
  • Spring start-ups
  • Winterizations and shrink wrapping
  • Daily, weekly, and seasonal summer VIP storage (limited space available)
  • Indoor winter storage

If you have any issues or questions about your jet ski please feel free to give us a call! If we can’t fix it we can recommend you to someone that can! Odyssea Watersports has been in the rental business for over 20 years!

We understand how important it is to have your PWC running right and when something breaks it needs to be fixed ASAP! A certified technician is on hand to help with any issues you may be having!

VIP Jetski Storage in Ocean City, MD
Summer VIP Jetski storage in Ocean City, MD

Winter Services

Now accepting Crypto as a form of payment! Earn a free Odyssea Watersports t-shirt or discount on your bill when paying in full using crypto.

Winter Storage & Winterizations:

  • Indoor Jetski Storage: $300 per unit
  • Outside Jetski Storage: $100 per unit
  • Outside Boat Storage 30ft & under: $100
  • Outside Boat Storage 31 ft + $200
  • Trailer only storage: $50/season

PWC Winterizations:

Winterizing your Jetski or Boat is not as simple as adding fuel stabilizer, flushing with antifreeze, and draining your engine bay. There are steps needed to prevent any damage to your equipment come to Springtime.

  • 2 Stroke: $110 + parts
  • 4 Stroke: $140 + parts
  • Parts include Oil and Filter: $45 plus tax

Outboard Boat Winterizations:

  • 2 Stroke outboard $110 + parts
  • 4 Stroke Outboard $140 + parts
  • Parts include Oil and Filter: $45 plus tax

Jetboat Winterization:

  • 2 Stroke: $110 + parts
    • Additional 2 stoke engine: $55 + parts
  • 4 Stroke: $140 + parts
    • Additional 4 stroke engine: $70 + parts
  • Parts include Oil and Filter: $45 plus tax

Shrink Wrapping:

  • $13/ft for Jetskis and Pontoon Boats
  • Vents, moisture bags included

Other Winter Service Options:

  • Powerwash Pontoons: $50
  • Jetski Detailing: $150
  • Bottom Painting: $15/ft
  • Pickup and Delivery: Call for pricing

Call 410-723-4227 to schedule a day to drop off your equipment.

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