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VIP Jetski Storage


Please call 410-723-4227 to reserve your spot

Year-Round VIP Jetski Storage: $2,200

Included with Year-Round Service:

  • Summer Storage: Your jetski will be stored at our bayside waterfront location
    • On a floating dock or on a jetski stand (in our parking lot)
    • Call 30 mins prior to your arrival and your jet ski will be uncovered, fueled, and ready for you on the dock.
    • You just have to get on and go!
    • After your ride, bring your jetski back to our location. Your jet ski will be pulled out of the water, washed, flushed with freshwater, sprayed with CRC, dried, and covered (if the cover is provided) by our staff.
  • Onsite Gas Sales. Your jet ski will be fueled prior to your arrival
    • Start a fuel tab, and we will ensure your Jetski is fueled before arrival.
    • Regular and Premium options are available
  • Winterization: Once the riding season is over, your jetski will be pulled out, and winterized adequately for winter
    • Oil and Oil Filter Change is not included but our Service Shop does recommend doing this in the fall prior to winter storage.
  • Winter Storage: Your jetski will be stored inside Odyssea’s brand-new secure storage facility located in Ocean Pines MD. We provide both indoor and outdoor storage.
  • Spring Prep: When riding season returns, your jetski will be properly Spring prepped and put back onto the dock or beach stand ready for your first arrival of the season.
  • Trailer Storage: Storing your jetski trailer is included with the VIP service. Odyssea does offer seasonal trailer storage for non-VIPs as well, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for pricing.

Other Storage Options

Self-Service Storage Option:

Store your RV, Campers, Trailers, Jeeps, Car Trailers, and more

More Information Here:

Ocean City has limited parking/storage locations for your trailers, campers, RVs, etc., so we offer our storage lot for you to use at our service shop, Odyssea Jet and Prop Shop

This lot is located about 15 mins outside of Ocean City, depending on traffic, and it is 2 minutes off of route 90 bridge.

Choose from daily, weekly, or monthly storage and reserve your spot online here. For details, pricing, and information please give us a call at 410-723-4227.