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Ocean Themed Home Made Ornaments – Great Family Time


Creating memories and traditions are a spectacular part of the holiday season. Getting together with loved ones to bake, sing songs, cook dinner, wow- it’s just what makes the holidays so joyous! We know holidays are not the only traditional family time though, so is vacationing! We thought a marvelous way to remember your time…

December 18th – Christmas Trivia Extravaganza Contest

Odyssea Watersports Christmas

2nd Annual Odyssea Watersports Christmas Extravagnza Are You Ready for Some Prizes?!?! This is a LIVE Event on the Odyssea Watersports Facebook and Instagram pages! This way we can all have fun in the comfort of our homes! Pop some popcorn! Pour some hot chocolate! Get a comfy blanky and your finest slippers! Invite your…

Odyssea Wants You to Have a Stress Free Holiday

A look at the sunset in Ocean City from the beach

From now until the first of the year, our world will be filled with joyous occasions. We will see concerts, recitals, carolers, tree trimmings, shopping lines; pretty much our calendars will be spilling over. We know that these memorable times watching our kids don red hats or antlers and sing about Frosty are fleeting so…