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Your Jet Ski Has Shown You Love: Now It’s Your Turn to Reciprocate


2019 Summer has been excellent, and your PWC has been the center of that pleasure! Racing your buds, hopping the best wake, teaching a newbie to ride, taping your best sessions with your GoPro, all of it has been amazing! Let’s all shout a collective, “Thank you Jet Ski! YOU ROCK!”

Odyssea is so happy to engage in the cry, and we want to thank our customers even louder! The season has been fantastic, and we could not have done it without your patronage. Our last day of rentals is Sunday, September 29, 2019. We are currently spreading the love to our jetskis and pontoons by performing any basic maintenance, winterizing, and beginning to store our crafts.

If care is out your wheelhouse, but you want to to keep the love going so your ski or pontoon knows how much you care and is prepped for next year, Odyssea can help with all of the needed care for your jet ski.

Here are the services Odyssea offers:


4-stroke motor: $110*

2-stroke motor: $100*

*plus 3% shop supply charge

Shrink wrap: $10.50 ft

oil/filter change with winterization: $55

Oil/Filter change without winterization: $110 (includes oil, filter and labor)

Pick up and delivery charge: $40

Storage: (Sept 15th to May 15th)

Inside: $300

Outside: $100

Labor Rate: $110 hr for jobs not included in the above prices.