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Why Ocean City’s bayside beats the oceanfront (at least sometimes!)


Okay, this might sound a little controversial, but we think that Ocean City’s bayside is just as beautiful, fun and awe-inspiring as its oceanfront. The bay can be overlooked sometimes, especially when compared to a landmark as vast and as wonderful as the Atlantic Ocean, but we have proof that the bay is just as wonderful in its own way. Here’s what makes the bay so great:

  1. The sunsets

You don’t have to wake up early in the morning to enjoy spectacular views over the water when you’re looking west. The sunsets over the bay are absolutely unbeatable — we think it just might be the best sunset view in the world. Take a few moments every evening of your vacation to appreciate the natural beauty of the sun setting over the Isle of Wight or the Assawoman Bay, from your hotel or condo balcony, from a pontoon boat, or from…

  1. The restaurants

Ocean City’s bayside restaurants are known for the stunning bay views they offer. We even wrote about some of the best bayside bars and restaurants in town that you can access by boat! Some of them have playgrounds for the kids, many have docks that you can sail right up to, and most have outdoor seating on their own small, private beaches. Sure, there are plenty of restaurants at the Inlet and facing the ocean that are all fantastic in their own right — but these bayside spots put you right at the water’s edge. You can literally stick your feet in the water while you sip an orange crush or finish off a crabcake sandwich. What could be better than that?

  1. The ambiance 

It’s the scenic views, the smell of seafood and fresh-squeezed oranges, the sounds of croaking frogs and chirping crickets and the occasional, special sight of a heron gliding across the water, that all work together to make Ocean City’s bayside a breathtaking place to be. 

Sure, the ocean is awesome, but the bay is a gleaming, hidden gem in the treasure trove of Ocean City’s natural wonders.Explore the bay on your own, or spend the day on Odyssea’s private beach where you can launch a jet ski, kayak, pontoon boat or stand up paddleboard. We’ll show you just how amazing Ocean City’s bayside really is.