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Why Did we Choose Seadoos for our Rentals?

jetskis sitting on a beach in ocean city md

jetskis lined up on a beach

LARGE AND STABLE: These are one of the most stable machines when it comes to rental options. It’s very rare that we have a flipped Jetski (typically happens at slow speed when leaning over to one side on other jetskis that are not as stable) or even have customers falling off of them. It can happen from time to time but you will have a life jacket on and our jetski guides will be on the water with you for assistance. These Seadoo GTX’s can seat up to 3 people making them great for our customers who may have young kids or even customers who want to ride together and or take turns. You can ride single or double riders as well. We keep the weight limit to 450 lbs combined weight.a man riding on a jetski

BRAKES AND SAFETY: They come with an IBR braking system. This feature is nice for all experience levels and creates another level of safety for our customers. We still ask that you do not rely on this brake and instead make sure you stay aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for other boats or jet skis. If you do get into a situation where you need to top quickly, please don’t hesitate to grab the LEFT lever. This will not stop instantly but it will stop quicker than just coasting to a stop.

GREAT ALL AROUND MACHINES: For rentals, we needed a machine that was going to be good for all experience levels and that’s exactly what you get with the Seadoo GTX Rental Pro. There are many first-time operators renting from Odyssea and this is the perfect machine for them to learn on due to the reason above.
jetskis sitting on a beach in ocean city md
BUILT FOR RENTALS: Seadoo has done a great job with building a machine that is tailored to the rental industry. By upgrading some important key areas of the jetski, they designed a machine that will survive the wear and tear of rentals.

BONUS, OUR SEADOO DEALER: Our dealer has been great to work with and has been very accommodating to all the rentals in the Ocean City area who buy Seadoos from him. He has the best interest of the rental business because he realizes we have only 4-5 months to be open. Thank you, Tom and Beaslys Point for working so well with the Ocean City, MD rental companies.

The Seadoo GTX Rental Pro may not be the fastest or the most nimble watercraft out there and that’s okay. Our biggest concern is the safety of our customers and staff, having a reliable machine that can last for years and a machine that is not limited to the experience level of our customers. The GTX checks all those boxes and more. They are perfect for 95% of our customers but if you are looking for something smaller,a person riding a surf board on a body of water lighter, and more nimble, then you should give us a call and ask about the Seadoo Trixx that we offer 😎 or check out our Instagram page for some videos.

Contact Information:

📲 Call 410-723-4227

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