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When is the best time to visit Ocean City, Maryland?


It’s a question we hear from people who are relatively new to Ocean City, Maryland — when is the absolute best time to visit? 

Our little peninsula on the Eastern Shore is pretty great at all times of the year, so the best time to visit really depends on what you’re looking to get out of your vacation. Odyssea Watersports operates from May through September for watersports rentals, so of course, we’re a little biased, but hey — the winter can be a great time to explore, too!

Ocean City in the Spring

The water is still pretty chilly, so this might not be the BEST time if you want to submerge yourself in the waves. We open in mid-May, so when the weather is right, you can definitely hop on a jet ski and ride around the bay — you might even be the only one on the water! 

Heavy crowds don’t start to pick up until Memorial Day Weekend and there are still plenty of fun events to enjoy around town, like Ocean City’s Springfest in early May. Many businesses are open all year-long, but most seasonal businesses have opened their doors by Memorial Day. If you like your vacation on the quieter side and don’t mind a little chill in the air, spring is a great time to explore OC.

Springfest welcomes warm weather and sunshine in Ocean City. Photo by

Ocean City in the Summer

This is the most obvious time to plan your vacation and for good reason. The Boardwalk comes alive with rides, arcade games, and excitement, while hot Maryland summers were made for the beach, and watersports on the bay add a little thrill to your trip. Cool off with the splash of a jet ski or by sipping a cold drink on a pontoon boat or rowing the paddles of a kayak on the Isle of Wight. Come on in, the water’s fine!

The owner and his daughter

Odyssea Watersports is your go-to in the summer!

Of course, summer is not for everyone. And there’s nothing quite like…

Ocean City in the Fall

Light crowds linger well into the fall so Ocean City doesn’t feel like a ghost town just yet, and the Town throws a number of fun O.C.toberfest events, from dog parades on the Boardwalk to a spooky maze on the beach. Views from the bay are just as beautiful in the fall as they are in the summertime, so hop on a pontoon and breathe in the autumn air. 

It may be chilly, but the Boardwalk is still alive in the fall. Photo by

As for Ocean City in the winter, well… us folks at Odyssea will finally be relaxing after another busy season. But even though we’re closed, the winter can still be a fun time to visit. Everyone should experience Winterfest of Lights at least once!