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What Should I Wear Jet Skiing?

person sitting on a jetski with an orange vest on

We’ve already covered our important jet skiing safety guidelines, but another question the beginner jet skier may have is — what am I supposed to wear jetskiing? 

Well, worry not. Jet skiing attire can be as simple as a bathing suit/swim trunks/wetsuit, and, of course, the life jacket on top. What’s really important here is safety and comfort. Start with a layer of sunscreen first and foremost, and dress like you’re ready to get wet because you almost certainly will. a man sitting on a jetski at Odyssea Watersports

Before deciding on what to wear, you will want to check on the weather report. What’s the temperature going to be? Is there any rain in the forecast? Will it be sunny or overcast? These are all questions to consider prior to picking your favorite bathing suit. When you are renting a jetski in Ocean City, MD you may have to rent in the rain depending on your vacation schedule. It’s best to rent a jetski when there is no precipitation but sometimes it may not be possible depending on the weather during your vacation.

Let’s take a closer look at your watersport attire for your next jetskiing experience and find tips for “cooler weather” options.


Now, this may sound like something your mom would tell you but applying sunscreen is a must! Even if you plan to jetski for just 30 minutes, applying sunscreen can make the difference between a great vacation and a good vacation. The sun reflecting off the water can make the UV rays more intense even on those cloudy overcast days.

Cool Weather Option: Sunscreen should still be applied. It’s a simple step that can make a real difference between being sunburnt and not being sunburnt.


Wearing a bathing suit is recommended, but think twice before you opt for something that’s super skin-tight, super baggy, or just plain uncomfortable. Jet skiing requires mobility, so anything that hinders movement is not desirable. (Wearing shorts of some kind is highly recommend, this will help to prevent rash rub from gripping the seat)

If you opt for a t-shirt, lightweight and breathable Lycra, nylon, and polyester materials are the best, especially since most of those are quick-dry. You do not want to wear anything that could rub and give you a rash.

Cool Weather Option: If the weather forecast looks to be cooler, overcast, precipitation, or if you plan on a long jetski ride, a wet suit may be a good idea. You can even store it on your jetski until you need it. If you are renting from Odyssea Watersports, a wet suit is not needed as you will be jetskiing for a max of 1 hour.


Barefoot is the way to go if you are jetskiing in Ocean City, MD. Jetski rentals in Ocean City, Md will have you boarding from a floating dock or if you are renting from Odyssea Watersports, you will be boarding from a sandy beach. Water shoes are a good option if the place you are jetskiing has a non-sandy bottom. If you find yourself jetskiing where the bottom may not be nice to walk on, water shoes will help protect your feet.

Cool Weather Option: Wet-suit booties and Wakeskate Shoes are both options when there’s bad weather or the water is cold. The worse thing is to have freezing cold feet while jetskiing. Both of these options are good for longer jetskiing adventures but not necessary for when renting a jetski.

Life JacketPeople wearing life jackets

This one’s a must and one that is not optional when jet skiing. We provided life jackets of all sizes, included with your rental, to keep you safe on the water. We’ll ensure that it fits you perfectly, because a life jacket that’s too large could rise up around your face, and one that’s too small may not keep you buoyant. Comfort and style are not what’s important when it comes to life jackets, they are worn to keep you safe if needed while renting a jetski in Ocean City. Safety first! Check out our blog: Life Jacket Safety Tips

Cool Weather Option: See above


We recommend wearing sunglasses depending on where the sun is at the time of your jetski rental. If you are renting mid-day and the sun is directly above you, you may not need sunglasses. If you are renting at the later part of the day and the sun is starting to go down, we HIGHLY recommend wearing them. You are going to want a strap to hold your glasses on, trust us, we have lost more than we can count. Another option is to pick up a cheap pair of Odyssea Watersports sunglasses (they float!) at the time of your rental.

Cool Weather option: Weather does not make much of a difference unless it’s raining. Rain can sting the eyes so wearing eye protection can make a big difference. It still may be difficult to see but the sunglasses will help keep the rain from hitting your eyes directly. a person riding a jetski on the water


Goggles are preferred by customers on days that the water conditions may be a little rougher. Windy days can cause water to spray at your face so having goggles or even sunglasses, on that type of day can be very useful. If you are not sure whether to bring them or not, you can always put them in the glovebox of the jetski and use them when needed.

Cool Weather Option: Similar to the sunglasses, goggles are a great option for those rainy days. They will not necessarily keep you warmer but they will keep more rain out of your eyes. Even on days where the water may be rough, the goggles can help keep the water spray from hitting you directly in your eyes.

After Your Ride

It’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes or at least a towel to dry off with after your jet ski ride. Depending on how far you are driving to get to your next destination you may want to change into dry clothes for comfort.

If you are renting from Odyssea Watersports you will have the option to use their changing room before and after your jet ski rental. We have Odyssea Watersports apparel available for purchase as well.

Cool Weather Option: Change of clothes is highly recommended so you can get the wet and cold clothes off your body.

We hope this was helpful and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.

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