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Welcome to the Odyssea Jet and Prop Shop | Watercraft Service Department

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Welcome to the Odyssea Jet and Prop Shop. Let us introduce ourselves, from left to right, Melissa, Samantha, Ron, Andrew, Jordan, and Justin. Missing from the photo, are our other two daughters, Kayla and Riley. This is our family ❤️ and when you have service work done, you will be working with one of us pictured. Family-friendly service from start to finish. Now that you know our faces, let’s take a look at how we got here, a journey that actually began in 1997.

Our family has been in the watercraft rental and service industry for 25 years. Our other locations are Odyssea Watersports, which we started in ’97, and Action Watersports (52nd Street) both in Ocean City, MD. There have been many changes over the years of doing business and we have rented all kinds of watersport activities, and have had multiple locations, a few of which we ended up selling. Some of the different activities we have offered were Skat-Boats, Parasailing, Jetskis, Pontoon Boats, Skifs, Paddle Boards, Kayaks, Scooters, and even had an extended Safari Jeep for shuttling customers from to and from their hotels to our different locations. There has been a lot of history just in the watersports rentals and we can go into more detail at a different time. For now, we want to share how our new watercraft service shop came to be.

Our service department actually began in 2012 when we purchased Waterways Marina located on 54th street in Ocean City, MD. Though we found success in this business, we decided to sell it in 2018 in order for us to turn our focus solely on our watersport rentals and VIP Jetski storage customers. We had not only added more watercraft to our fleet but around this time we purchased Action Watersports which rents jetskis as well. With the increase in rental jetskis, we needed to spend the time and energy renting them and making sure we kept them maintained throughout the season. Plus, we began growing our VIP jetski storage for customers who owned their own jetskis and wanted a place to store them during the summer.

Then came 2020 and like many of you already know, it was a crazy year! Covid had hit, everything was on lockdown for the most part but the watersport industry was allowed to stay open since customers were naturally social distancing while being outside and on the water. Rentals were busy and many people began purchasing their own watercraft since there wasn’t anything else to do. This led to an increase in demand and phone calls for service and sales. It just so happen that in that same year, our mechanic left for another job opportunity which left us scrambling to find a replacement to not only keep up with our rental fleet, but also the demand for personally owned watercraft.

It’s amazing how things fell into place and we ended up finding a mechanic who was and is phenomenal with all types of watercraft and he loves what he does. Onto of that, two of our employees from Odyssea Watersports, Jordan and Andrew, took an interest in working in the service department. Having those two guys and our new mechanic, Troy gave us the ability to expand our service department into more of a full-service shop instead of picking up little jobs here and there.

It just so happened that in early 2020 before that crazy summer, we had purchased a property in the Ocean Pines, MD area where we planned to eventually build a storage facility for watercraft and have a service shop for repairs. We had been looking for land for quite some time and eventually found one that we felt was perfect for our needs. It was close to where we lived, easy and convenient for customers within the boating community and it already had a small warehouse for our service work. Originally, this was a plan for the future but we soon realized that the future was now as the demand increased and our service department was able to not only handle the demand but they were pumping out more work than we had seen even back in the days of Water Ways Marina.

In early 2021 we committed to having a new storage warehouse built on the property we purchased. The plan was to use the original warehouse as the service shop, office, and area for customers to come into and then to build a new warehouse for storing watercraft. Plans went into motion, permits were issued and the build began! It was a long process and had some issues throughout but overall we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

And that leads us to now, we are continuing to move into this new location and all service work, storage, and seasonal services will now be done from the Odyssea Jet and Prop Shop location in Berlin, MD. It’s been a wild and fun past 25 years as a family-owned and operated business and we look to continue this for many many more years. We love working with you and can’t thank you enough for your love and support over the years. Even if you do not own a watercraft, you are always welcome to stop by the new shop to say hi and look around.

🤝 Please feel free to introduce yourself, we’d love to get to know you and continue to grow this community with you 🙌

We look forward to serving our local boating community 🙂

~ Your Odyssea Jet and Prop Shop Family ❤️

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