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We broke our record and rented 200 jet skis in one day!

Renting 200 jet skis in one day has been a goal of Odyssea Watersports’ for many years. We’ve come close with over 190 in a day, but we’d never been able to hit that 200 mark.

On July 5, 2019, we ended the day with 201 jet ski rentals!

July 5 of each season has consistently been one of, if not the, busiest rental days of the year for jet skis. In fact, it was July 5 of 2012 when we set our last record of 195.

What made it even better this year was that the entire family, including our three girls, was there to celebrate – they were working as cashiers for the day! It was a special moment celebrating with them and our employees when the day was over.

We started the day off pretty strong and we were fully booked by 12 p.m. for the rest of the day. Our employees knew that we were pacing the 200 mark, but we didn’t discuss it too much since we didn’t want to jinx it. I was running the clipboard, which is how we keep track of our jet skis, and I knew that something special was happening. By 2 p.m. we had already rented over 100 jet skis, with the rest of the day booked and our phones still ringing off the hook. The whole day, there was a certain energy in the air. You could just feel that this could be the day.

We are so thankful for all the customers and fans who have supported us each season, by renting from us or by spreading the word about Odyssea with social media and word-of-mouth. Without all of your support, we obviously wouldn’t have been able to accomplish such a big goal.
A special shoutout goes out to our mechanic, Jesse! This guy kept our guide jet skis running and got us through the day. Guide jet skis were breaking down with so many hours of the day spent using them, but Jesse was able to quickly get them back on the water. We even had to take a pontoon boat out as a guide!

The Odyssea crew that made it happen.

The moment we knew we hit 200 wasn’t until the very last ride of the day at 7 p.m. Melissa was crushing it in the booth, making sure we filled every available spot with rentals, since she was well aware of the situation at hand. We were at 193 when a reservation of four showed up to make it 197, then a group of seven had to cancel due to traffic and there was nobody else in sight. A group of four people on three jet skis had just finished their rental and we knew we had one opportunity to make it happen.
Melissa and I discussed how we could pull it off, and then we just went for it. Melissa walked up to the customers and asked if they would like to try the new Seadoo Trixx for 30 minutes since they’d just rented the Kawasaki 15F. After a little deal-making, all four customers said ‘yes,’ and there it was – 201 rentals! We let all the employees know and the excitement in the air was truly something special. After the last rental came in from the water, we all celebrated, high fived, hugged, and popped the cork like we had just won the championship game.
Our employees, from the cashiers to the boat instructors and kayak/paddleboard instructors and of course the jet ski guides ALL played key roles in making this happen. This crew will forever be known as the team that hit 200! This was a challenge that many thought wasn’t possible, but we all knew that with our hardworking team, it would happen eventually. YOU ALL CRUSHED IT! Thank you for all your hard work. The Odyssea storm is just getting fired up, and now it’s time to reach for even higher goals!