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Watercraft Test Drive Included on all Boat and Jetski Repairs

a small boat in a body of water

Having the peace of mind that your watercraft has been properly fixed after a repair is important to our family business which is why test driving is a free service for our customers.

After your jetski has been repaired, our staff will take it to the local boat ramp in Ocean Pines, MD to check for potential leaks, make sure the original issue was indeed fixed properly, and check to see if there may be any other potential issues that the customer may not have noticed before. With any watercraft, issues are bound to happen and we do our best to catch them before it becomes a major problem.

After the test drive, if everything checks out as “good” you will be contacted to let you know the job is completed. If during the test drive there is a leak or the problem was not fixed or maybe there is a bigger problem, you will be contacted with the latest update.

It is recommended that before or after each ride, you check for water in the haul, any alarms, and hose clamps to give your boat or jetski a once over to make sure everything looks good. This takes about 1 minute and has the potential to save you downtime and money. If you see an issue or have a question about something, we are always around to help.

Test drives are not done during winterization, spring prep, or a simple oil and oil filter change.

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