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Top 10 Must Have Items for your Boating Adventure

a group of people sitting at a beachWhether you plan to rent a boat, own your own boat, or looking to purchase a boat in the future, this article will help you organize your next boating adventure. Pontoon Boat Rentals in Ocean City, MD are very popular and we want to make sure you are prepared as possible prior to getting on the boat for a day on the water.

The last thing that you want to do is forget an item once you start your trip. Save and or print off this list to keep with you as a reminder while preparing.

Boating fun with friends

Before we get into our list of Must-Haves it is important to remember your safety items. Our list does not include these items only because we rent pontoon boats in Ocean City, Maryland and as part of our rentals, all the safety equipment listed is already included. Here is a quick list of safety items to have on your own boat:

  1. Life Jackets
  2. Anchor
  3. Horn or other sounding devices
  4. First Aid Kit
  5. Flares
  6. ID’s/Licence: Fishing/Crabbing License, Drivers License
  7. Communication: Phone/VHF Radio

Now that you have all your items for a safe boating adventure let’s get into the Must-Haves for having a fun and memorable boat trip. Below we listed our top 10 in no particular order:

1.) SUNSCREEN: This is a must even on a cloudy day. Sunburn + Vacation = 🙁 Many boats (all of our rental pontoon boats) have some type of bimini top to provide at least some shade but there is still a good chance to get extra sun on you. Plus, the sun reflects off the water which can actually make you burn more. Bring an extra bottle and apply a few times during your trip.

2.) COLD DRINKS: Throw your favorite beverage in a cooler and make sure to add water to stay hydrated 💦 Being in the sun, sweating, swimming, fishing, etc can make you thirsty. Being on a boat in the middle of the bay without a beverage can make for a not-so-fun trip. Throw a couple of waters, sodas, or adult beverages into a cooler (below) to keep fluids in you.

3.) COOLER/ICE: A must-have to keep your water and or adult beverages cold (mentioned above). It’s most likely going to be warm and sunny if you are going on a boat so making sure your drinks stay cold becomes more important. Let’s be honest, who likes warm soda or water?!?!

4.) TOWELS: Towels are great for drying off after swimming or relaxing on your float. Staying soaking wet all day can be a downer so having a day to at least dry off a little bit can be the difference between an ok day and a great day! If you forget, the sun will help dry you off as well.

5.) CHANGE OF CLOTHES: After your day on the water you may want to change if you wet/sandy. Or maybe you plan to dock your boat at a bayside restaurant (there is a handful of them in Ocean City, Maryland) or maybe you are boating closer to sunset, which is a great time by the way, and the temperature drops a little, having extra clothes will keep you warm.

6.) FOOD: Snacks are clutch when you start getting angry especially if you are spending most of the day on the water. We recommend even packing a full lunch and have a picnic on the boat or stop by a local sandbar for lunch. If you would rather stop a restaurant there are plenty of options if boating in Ocean City.

7.) WATERPROOF BAG: There is a good chance of water getting onto your boat and getting items wet. Have a dry bag with you to keep your valuables (cameras, phones, purses) dry and safe.

8.) FLOATS/WATER TOYS: Water toys and floats are great for when you drop anchor or pull up to an island and you want to float around and chill. Insider Tip: pack a rope or string so you can tie your float onto the boat so you don’t float away.

9.) PLAYLIST: If you’re not boating while rocking out to your favorite music, are you really boating? Music is a must-have on any boating adventure. Bring your favorite playlist and hook up to our Bluetooth speakers!

10.) FISHING/CRABBING SUPPLIES: Whether you’re trying to catch your family’s dinner or just looking for a fun activity for the kids to do, fishing and crabbing create some of the best memories. You can bring your own bait, tackle, and rods or you can rent equipment depending on where you are renting your boat from. Odyssea Watersports offers all the items needed for a fun day of fishing and or crabbing!

There you have it, if you have all these items prior to your boating adventure, it’s almost a guarantee of having a successful, safe, and fun day on the water! Now I know we missed some and want to get your ideas! Message us using our online chat here

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