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Tips for visiting Ocean City in peak season

A look at the sunset in Ocean City from the beach

A summer vacation in Ocean City, Maryland is a time-honored tradition for thousands of families all over the mid-Atlantic. Who can blame them? Ocean City has miles of free beach, miles of fun Boardwalk and all kinds of entertainment up and down the peninsula, from mini golf to jet skis. A trip to OC is what many people look forward to all year long.

Of course, with over eight million annual visitors, Ocean City can get pretty busy — especially in the summer. Here are some of our favorite tips to make the most of your vacation from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the time also known as “peak season.” 

  1. Plan some things in advance, but leave room for spontaneity 

If you know your favorite restaurant is a favorite of many others, you may want to make reservations. Some activities don’t require any planning ahead: with tens of mini golf courses in town, you’ll never have to wait in line for long, and obviously there will always be a spot on the beach with your name on it. 

Some activities require a little more preparation. We take walk-ins at Odyssea Watersports, for example, but it’s always recommended that you book in advance to secure your preferred date and time slot. Plan parts of your vacation, like your favorite restaurant visits and your jet ski days, in advance. The rest will easily fall into place. 

  1. Beat the traffic, travel by water

There’s nothing worse than sitting in traffic when all you want to be doing is lying on a beach towel with your toes in the sand, or sipping a cocktail at your favorite bayside bar. Skip the road traffic altogether — travel by water! Rent the Liquid Limo for your friends and family to bar hop on, or try exploring Ocean City’s bayside byways on a pontoon boat. After all, there are no stop signs or traffic lights on the bay. 

  1. Cut coupons to save money

Vacations can get pretty expensive, and many businesses in town want to help you save a few bucks. Always check online for a coupon before you go pretty much anywhere. We have coupons for jet skis and pontoon boat rentals, and we also offer discounts to service men and women. Many other local businesses are the same — you just have to do a little online research first!