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The Last Ride at Odyssea Watersports

before and after photos of a building with the family

Staff Collage

The Last Ride 😔……………

It has been an emotional week and as hard as this is to type out, we know you deserve to hear this from us before the news begins to leak more. We love and appreciate you all and you’ve always been so supportive of our business and family we can’t thank you enough as you have helped create an amazing watersports destination in Ocean City, Md 🙏❤️ but…….

After 25 years, Odyssea Watersports will be closing its doors after the 2022 season. This was not our decision and we are devastated by the news. We’ve been informed, just recently, that our lease will not be renewed at our 50th St location. There are many emotions going through us right now as we try to process the news. It’s a lot to take in and to try to figure out on such short notice and wish this information was provided to us at the beginning of the season but it is what it is. The dismantling process of our location will begin soon so don’t be surprised if Odyssea looks a little different on your next visit.

Since 1997 when Ron, Sheila, Melissa, and Timmy decided to take a chance at a family dream, and leave their well-paying and secure jobs, we’ve put nothing but love, passion, and lots of blood sweat, and tears into this location, all three of our daughters have grown up and worked here knowing this was their “summer home”, and our employees have worked so hard year after year to help make Odyssea Watersports a safe family location for fun on the water. Our loving customers have supported Odyssea every summer during their Ocean City, Md vacations. This news has been an emotional rollercoaster and one that has not totally sunk in yet.

We have so much to be thankful for over the past 25 years of owning a family-owned business and we thank you for the opportunity to serve you and to offer you a watersports location built on customer service, safety, and treating visitors as we would want to be treated on vacation. The memories that you’ve left us can’t be erased and we are forever grateful for your business, generosity, and friendships 😊

Odyssea Watersports’ location on 50th St may be gone after 2022 but our family spirit, passion, and continued drive to provide a safe, friendly, and fun watersports experience won’t be stopped. Our location is on 52nd St, Action Watersports will continue to offer jetski rentals and VIP jetski storage. Our watercraft service shop, Odyssea Jet and Prop Shop will not only stay open but we plan to double down and push even harder to grow this side of our business. We do not know what the future holds as far as finding a “replacement” for our 50th st location but what we can say is we will be open and listening to any and all opportunities.

Special thank you to all of our amazing customers, employees, supporters, neighbors, and family who have been such a huge part of making Odyssea Watersports a yearly destination for visitors of Ocean City, MD. Please stay in touch with us on social media, and check out our website for updates. We’ve always enjoyed interacting with you and plan to continue that throughout the off-season.

The 2022 season is not over yet and our doors are still open through September for rentals. Come by and see us, support us as you always have, and help us finish this season on a positive note. Have fun with us, smile, laugh, share your memories and let’s celebrate the end of a 25-year history at our 50th St. location 😢

Let’s not look at this news as a Goodbye, but instead as the start of a new chapter. We know you will support and follow us wherever we go. Things will be different obviously but we promise we will be seeing you at some capacity in 2023. The 50th location may be gone but I promise you that this will not be the last time you hear from us because the Odyssea Watersports story AIN’T DONE YET 💪😎🤝

It’s to be continued…………

Thank you again and much love to all of you ❤️

~ Your Odyssea Family

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