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Claim the Key to the ’22 Watersports Season in Ocean City, MD

POAP’s will be the key for 2022 at Odyssea Watersports! They are not only a Proof of Attendance Protocol but they will now be used for Coupons, Raffles, Exclusive Experiences, Discounts, and more. The opportunities are endless and as we learn more and more about these NFT’s, we will be able to offer you more…

Collect them all! Odyssea POAP’s Have Launched!

Who will have the largest Odyssea POAP collection!?!?! POAP’s are custom-designed tokens that prove that the holder, you being the holder, was part of a particular event, virtual or on location, at a given time. These badges are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and open a whole new world of possibilities for collectors, event organizers, and customers….