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Ocean City pontoon boat rental

The Best Time of Day to Rent a Pontoon Boat in Ocean City, MD

When is the BEST time of day to rent a pontoon boat in Ocean City, MD? Our opinion is anytime but there are advantages of renting during the morning, afternoon or evening hours. It depends on what you and your family/friends are looking to get out of the rental. If you are looking to go…

New Area for Pontoon Boat Rentals to Explore in Ocean City, MD

Your Pontoon Boat Riding Area has Expanded when renting a boat from Odyssea Watersports and we feel you will really enjoy this new location for family fun on the water! We’ve heard your feedback, we’ve noticed a consistent problem, we’ve unbeached many boats, and are now making adjustments to help make your boating experience even…

Boating Safety Tips; Ride Inside and Be aware of your Surroundings

  Ride INSIDE the boat at ALL times! Whether you own a boat or you are renting a boat or you are enjoying your friend’s boat, being safe is most important. Everyone wants to have a fun time and create lasting memories but if you are not careful, those memories could turn into bad ones….

Collect them all! Odyssea POAP’s Have Launched!

Who will have the largest Odyssea POAP collection!?!?! POAP’s are custom-designed tokens that prove that the holder, you being the holder, was part of a particular event, virtual or on location, at a given time. These badges are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and open a whole new world of possibilities for collectors, event organizers, and customers….

Odyssea Watersports Snowballs!

Have you had a snowball from the Odyssea Snowball Stand? Open from 8:30 am to Sunset Tuesday – Sunday it’s a perfect treat on a hot summer day! A variety of flavors are offered and there is a nice picnic table area to relax at as you watch the activity of rentals at Odyssea Watersports…

New Boating Regulation for 2021

ATTENTION! Owners of boats less than 26′ in length and those of you planning to rent a boat this summer need to be aware of a new U.S. Coast Guard regulation that may affect you! We want to make you aware of the new regulation prior to the start of boating season so that you…

Odyssea Reaching Out and Updating During COVID-19

Dear valued customers, fans and visitors of Odyssea Watersports and Ocean City, Md. First off, we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and hope you are staying healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have nothing but love for each and every one of you. COVID-19 has affected all of us one…