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Cooking Breakfast Over an Open Fire

CAMPFIRE COOKING IS BETTER THAN FREEZE-DRIED     While camping is a blast any time of year, camping in the fall can’t be beat. Even though “normal” camp food is usually freeze dried, cold, and pouch-preserved, camping doesn’t have to mean you can’t have a hearty, hot breakfast right at your campsite! And there are…

Eastern Shore Camping During the Fall

Leaf Changing This week is peak leaf changing time on the Eastern Shore, and although driving through wooded areas can be a great way to to leaf peep, a camping trip inside the woods is even better. If you have not had the pleasure of camping while hearing ocean waves lap the sand, or fire…

Great Night For A Fire

Fires on the beach are an amazing experience. Any fire, under the stars, with some friends, is a memorable time, but add the waves, and it becomes magical! Bring all the regular necessities for a fire: local firewood blankets chairs graham crackers chocolate drinks hot dogs sticks drinks ghost stories You know the perfect combination…

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