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Best Boat Rentals Ocean City

Boat and Jetski Rental Regulations and Requirements

Requirements and Regulations for pontoon boat rentals and jetski rentals? We want everyone to have fun on the water when renting watersports in Ocean City, MD but to keep you safe there are specific regulations and requirements we must follow for each watersport activity.  Whether you are renting a pontoon boat or renting a jetski,…

New Area for Pontoon Boat Rentals to Explore in Ocean City, MD

Your Pontoon Boat Riding Area has Expanded when renting a boat from Odyssea Watersports and we feel you will really enjoy this new location for family fun on the water! We’ve heard your feedback, we’ve noticed a consistent problem, we’ve unbeached many boats, and are now making adjustments to help make your boating experience even…

Boating Safety Tips; Ride Inside and Be aware of your Surroundings

  Ride INSIDE the boat at ALL times! Whether you own a boat or you are renting a boat or you are enjoying your friend’s boat, being safe is most important. Everyone wants to have a fun time and create lasting memories but if you are not careful, those memories could turn into bad ones….

Luxury Tritoon Boat Rental, Now Available

You’re looking at your new boat rental option, a 115 HP Tri-Toon boat! Online bookings are now available! This Luxury Tritoon is equipped with a 115 HP motor 😃, Bluetooth speakers, a table to hold food or drinks, an LCD touch screen display with GPS, Depth Finder, MPH, Tide charts, and more! 115 HP Suzuki…

Rock your Odyssea Watersports Merch

Have you picked up your Odyssea Watersports merch yet? The holiday season is upon us and what better way to not only support a local family business but to also gift some awesome-looking apparel for your family and friends to rock! This design was created by HWL Creative, love the little throwback flare but modern…

Collect them all! Odyssea POAP’s Have Launched!

Who will have the largest Odyssea POAP collection!?!?! POAP’s are custom-designed tokens that prove that the holder, you being the holder, was part of a particular event, virtual or on location, at a given time. These badges are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and open a whole new world of possibilities for collectors, event organizers, and customers….

Pay with Cryptocurrency, Save 10% off your purchase

10% Off Your Purchase When You Pay With Crypto! Odyssea Watersports is excited to offer you the option to pay with a new form of payment, Cryptocurrency. Not only do they accept crypto but they will reward you as well by giving you 10% off your purchase. Odyssea does their best to stay up with…