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Quarantine is Good for a Family’s Soul

Ocean_city_pontoon_boats_Enjoying the outdoors

The Odyssea family hopes you and your family are doing well and staying safe. These are difficult and new times. We are all in this together and our typical routines have changed, maybe forever. We don’t say this with foreboding, we know that the quarantine time has caused many uncertainties, and we are not making light of that, but right now we are seeing the blessing in the quarantine. We thought we would share how we are “making lemonade.”

We are doing our best to not only stay home, but also keep our family entertained all while working to figure out what to do about our upcoming season. We will have an update soon as far as our thoughts for the 2020 watersports season. For now, we want to share what our family has been up to recently.

What have we been up to during the “Stay at Home” order?

  • Homeschooling our daughter who is in kindergarten.
  • Our daughters in highschool have been doing virtual school which has its different challenges, but they are working through it.
  • Going for walks in the woods with our dogs has become almost a daily activity. (Before the “stay at home” was put in place, we rarely went into the woods and never took the dogs.)
  • Having bond fires in the back yard: Melissa loves having fires in the backyard and we all sit around and talk.
  • Home projects:
    • painting our kid’s rooms
    • installed a wood plank wall
    • playing with clay
  • At home date nights. Our youngest daughter actually came up with this idea out of the blue and all three of our daughters worked together to set a “fancy table” (pictured) and cooked us a delicious dinner of pancakes, sausage, bacon, and eggs. They had a candlelit, a “table cloth”, menu, did the dishes and were the waitresses. It was very sweet and thoughtful and one of those moments that we will remember forever.
  • The bond growing tighter with all three girls.

Taking advantage of this newfound time together as a family has had its benefits. It has kind of forced us to slow down and to get creative in keeping all of us entertained and in good spirits. We are really looking forward to seeing you once this is all over but until then, stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram. Please Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Home.


Together, from a distance, we will get through this.