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Party supplies to bring aboard the Liquid Limo

Ocean City boat rental

Liquid Limo Trips and How to Make Them Even MORE AWESOME!

a group of people on a boat in the water

Important info about LL:

  • Liquid Limo is a Coast Guard Inspected Vessel – This is not the recreational boats that due to covid-19 restrictions deems the total people on board at 10. Liquid Limo has a 20 person capacity.
  • Your base price includes 10 people
    • 2 hour rental is $450
    • 3 hour rental is $550
  • Credit card station on board to accept anymore than the 10 person base price. $40 per person is incurred.
  • Passengers 13 years old or younger must wear a life jacket

Packing for a day aboard the Liquid Limo and not sure where to start? This checklist will help ensure that you’re fully prepared and totally ready to have an incredible day on the water.

Before we get into the fun stuff, here are the necessities:

  • Photo ID: You’ll need this if you plan to bar hop! LL can bring you to bars that are doing carry out and you can enjoy a small boat in a large body of waterthem right on the water and you travel down the bay on the Liquid Limo
  • Towels: If you’re going to be jumping in the water, which we highly recommend, you’ll want to have towels handy. Enjoy our new Rubber Ducky floating mat that measures a whopping 6′ x 18′ for floating on!
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses: You can purchase these from us or bring your own, but regardless, hot summer days in Ocean City require sunscreen.
  • Water: Best not to leave without plenty of water for everyone.

Recommended in order to have the absolute best time ever:

  • Drinks: You’ve packed the cooler with water, now leave some space for the beer! That is, if you don’t have plans to bar hop, which is another option — if you’re in the mood for an orange crush, we can recommend a few excellent bayside bars and restaurants to dock at. Coolers and ice are available for purchase from us as well.
  • Food: If you’re not planning to stop at any bayside bars or restaurants, you’ll want to pack plenty of snacks. Stay energized with chips, veggie trays, pretzels, or whatever floats your boat. And be sure to grab an icy bite from Odyssea Watersports snowball stand before you head out! (Please contact for Snowball Stand open date – at time of publication Snowball stand was not ready.)
  • Your phone, or music player of choice (and your perfect playlist): We have free Wifi onboard and you can connect your device to our 1600 watt sound system via Bluetooth to play music all day long.
  • Your camera: You’re going to want to capture these moments to remember them forever. Get pictures of your friends and family, and of the beautiful bayside horizon and the iconic Ocean City skyline. We have LED lights under the seats and underwater lights, so the space will be well-illuminated even after the sun goes down.

a truck driving down a dirt roadIf what we’ve described above sounds like your best day ever, then don’t hesitate to book a trip on the Liquid Limo. Host the greatest:

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
  • Restaurant Crawl
  • Bar Crawl
  • Birthday Party for ANY age – kids love the liquid Limo just as much if not more than adults!!

of all time, or just treat up to 20 of your closest friends to a party on the bay. It’s all up to you- just don’t forget the party supplies!

Special Message to Realtors and Property Investors: Liquid Limo has had great success showing potential buyers properties from the water! Charter the LL to let buyers find out what the view is like from the water and how convenient and accessible life is when traveling on the bay!a boat is docked next to a body of water