Need for Speed: H20i in the water

Ty pulling a wheelie on Seadoo Trixx

The unofficial H20i event is in Ocean City, Maryland this weekend, and if you have had your fun showing off your car, but are ready for some speed IN THE WATER, Come to Odyssea this weekend! This is the last weekend Odyssea is open! Grab a jet ski while you can! Seadoo Rental Ocean City, MD

Your Jet Ski Has Shown You Love: Now It’s Your Turn to Reciprocate


2019 Summer has been excellent, and your PWC has been the center of that pleasure! Racing your buds, hopping the best wake, teaching a newbie to ride, taping your best sessions with your GoPro, all of it…

Calm Waters Perfect for Pontoons

Perfect time for pontoon when water is calm

The water is waiting! When the water is a calm as this and looks like glass, it’s time for a pontoon! Pontoons are great for these placid waters of the bay! Get a group of family members or friends or both and slide gently around and enjoy the scenery.

Jet Ski Used To Save During Dorian

Justin holding a GoPro while riding Seadoo Trixx

Although here in Ocean City, Maryland Hurricane Dorain left us relatively unscathed, the same can not be said for the Bahamas. Many thought the precautions they had made during past hurricanes and tropical storms would be sufficient, but unfortunately Hurricane Dorian was a slow moving Category 5. Dorian was the highest level hurricane to hit…

Weekend Still Looking Fantastic Despite Hurricane Dorian


Hurricane Dorian Impact Ocean City saw some heavier winds and larger surf from Hurricane Dorian, but overall Dorian did not make any lasting impact on the town of Ocean City. Visitors saw a…

Don’t fall for the myth! Labor Day: Not the last summer weekend

Boating fun with friends With the weather sites telling us that September’s average temperature is 76° for Ocean City, MD, don’t feel like Labor Day Weekend is the “Last Hurrah.” Help spread the word,…

Why Ocean City’s bayside beats the oceanfront (at least sometimes!)


Okay, this might sound a little controversial, but we think that Ocean City’s bayside is just as beautiful, fun and awe-inspiring as its oceanfront. The bay can be overlooked sometimes, especially when compared to a landmark as vast and as wonderful as the Atlantic Ocean, but we have proof that the bay is just as…

Top 5 kid-friendly activities in Ocean City, Maryland


Boating First of all, family members of all ages, from 1 to 100, will love being on the water in Ocean City. More adventurous types might try kayaking, while those who want to relax should opt to spend the day on the pontoon boat. For kids who get a little restless, we have a few…

Tips for visiting Ocean City in peak season

A look at the sunset in Ocean City from the beach

A summer vacation in Ocean City, Maryland is a time-honored tradition for thousands of families all over the mid-Atlantic. Who can blame them? Ocean City has miles of free beach, miles of fun Boardwalk and all kinds of entertainment up and down the peninsula, from mini golf to jet skis. A trip to OC is…

When is the best time to visit Ocean City, Maryland?


It’s a question we hear from people who are relatively new to Ocean City, Maryland — when is the absolute best time to visit?  Our little peninsula on the Eastern Shore is pretty great at all times of the year, so the best time to visit really depends on what you’re looking to get out…