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Odyssea Watersports takes Ocean City jet skiing to the next level with Seadoo Trixx

person riding a wheelie on a seadoo trixx jetski

Being unique, thinking outside the box and separating ourselves from the competition are just a few things that Odyssea Watersports has grown accustomed to over the years. This season will be no different with the addition of the Seadoo TrixxWe’ve gotten a lot of questions since we added the Seadoo Trixx to our lineup of watersports rentals. People see photos and videos of our newest addition standing straight on the water or leap-frogging across the bay and immediately do a double-take. We don’t blame you! The Seadoo Trixx has been dubbed “a dirtbike for the water,” and there’s really nothing else like it.

What is the Seadoo Trixx?

It’s a very lightweight and small jet ski basically but with a few upgrades to take it to another level of fun! It’s made for the thrill-seeking, adventure-loving crowd of Ocean City, MD visitors who want to get out on the bay and not only go as fast as they can but be able to interact with the jet ski. By using your body weight to slide it around on the water and a few of its added features, this “dirt bike” on the water becomes the most interactive and exciting jetski!

What Makes it Different?

  • Much lighter and smaller than a typical jetski making it easy to maneuver
  • Adjustable handlebars for a more comfortable and custom ride
  • Variable Trim System. This is what allows you to do wheelies, powerslides, 360*, and be a more interactive ride.
  • Rearfoot wedges to place your feet on when doing wheelies across the bay.
  • Sport mode will give you more low-end torque and top-end speed. In order to pull trixx, the sport mode should be activated.

Since the Seadoo Trixx is much smaller and lighter than your typical jetski, they are only one person per jet ski — but you can “wow” your friends, your sister, your brother, your boyfriend, and/or your mom while they watch from the land. No experience is necessary and all of your safety equipment and training is included.

It looks like it’s for pros, but this jet ski is easy enough to use that you can bring a selfie stick on board with you and document the whole experience.

The Seadoo can pop wheelies, spin 360 degrees, and powerslide for distance. The vessel’s iControl system gives its drivers a level of control that can’t compare to any other jet ski; it boasts an on-water braking system, “sport mode” for performing tricks, adjustable handlebars, and foot platforms for standing on while pulling wheelies. It even has a  “true neutral” mode when you need a break from all the thrills the machine can afford.

If your friends and boyfriend and mom get too jealous, you CAN come back to Odyssea’s beach and switch drivers or you can rent out more than one of the Seadoo Trixx. You’ll be hard-pressed to get off once you get going on this thing, though. These jet skis were first introduced as rentals at Odyssea Watersports in 2019 and they are still the only rental in Ocean City, MD offering this one-of-a-kind “Stunt” jetski! And as we’ve discovered, they’re an insane amount of fun. (And you can trust us on that because we’ve ridden a lot of jet skis!)

If you do decide you want to take this magical machine out for a spin, we’ll provide you with the life jacket, the gas, all the safety instruction and lessons necessary, and our highly-trained guides who ride these jet skis for a living. It should be noted that our regular jet skis are pretty fun, too. Just make your reservation, come prepared for the adventure, and we’ll handle the rest.

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