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Odyssea is Curing Cabin Fever


Weather is Not Too Cold for Outside Hike

Cabin Fever Can Strike Anyone

While the northern parts of the country may be seeing a lot of the white stuff, here on the Eastern Shore we are typically snow light, if not, snow free. That doesn’t mean we can’t be prone to cabin fever though. The kids have movies, video games or please let’s not say it — homework over break. Any one of those can pen them inside for longer than we like, festering the horrid cabin fever, and sooner than you can say Christmas Break,  you are asking, “When school is back in session?”

We as parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, are not immune to contributing factors that cause cabin fever either. We have been in the kitchen prepping dinners and baking goodies, running errands, answering emails, calls, & texts, before we know we are wanting to unplug and get away from it all.

Luckily, on the Eastern Shore, there is no need to shovel our walk and drive way before we set out and leave our “cabin” behind. Sure we may need a heavy coat, scarf, and mittens, but most days are looking to be “light coat and baseball cap hat” kind of weather. Forecast from today through Christmas are steadily moving up. While we have seen temps in the 30’s, by Christmas our high is in the mid 50’s.

Once you are all set to leave your four walls, bundled up for whatever the temperature is, there are some great trails to explore near Ocean City.


Trails recommendations are kept short for family experiences. For a full list of what Worcester County has to offer click here.


This trail is a 1-mile long self-guided glimpse of three forest types on the edge of the Pocomoke River: a pine grove, mixed hardwoods and bald cypress swamp. Observe three distinct plant communities competing and changing under the influence of the natural environment. A brochure is available at the park.

Pocomoke River State Forest & Park – Milburn Landing Area – Pocomoke City, Maryland



This .5 mile trail through soft sands puts visitors in the mood to explore a harsh, desert-like environment. Animal tracks and a wide variety of plants characterize the interesting duneland habitat. Trailside exhibits show how salt-laden winds off the ocean naturally prune several plants into unusual shapes. Handicap accessible.

Assateague Island National Seashore – Berlin, Maryland




An elevated boardwalk, which makes this trail fully accessible, courses its way through a half mile of Assateague salt marshes. Exhibits interpret the importance of this habitat to barrier island ecology. Many wetland bird species can be seen from this trail and an observation deck offers a panoramic view of Chincoteague Bay on Assateague’s backside. Handicap accessible.

Assateague Island National Seashore – Berlin, Maryland


While you are on the trail, and if you need to turn it up a notch add a game or two:


Name that Print

Have everyone keep an eye out for animal prints, and see if they can identify the animal that left them behind. A good way to kill time (and educate at the same time) is to show a list of possible prints. Your group then knows what to look for, and is even more excited to find them.

Find that Scene

This one can take some prep time, but has great feedback, especially if your entourage is competitive. Search out the trails or trails you want to take ahead of time, take pics while you are there. When you bring your crew back they get to see all the pics before you leave for your trip, and they must identify the “scene” first to win. Label the pics with numbers so they can shout out first, “That’s pic seven!” (If you want to make this harder, it takes a ton of advanced planning, but take your pics during a different season. The foliage blossomed verse withered adds an extra twist and ups the difficulty level.)