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Ocean City Watersports for Senior Week

Odyssea jet ski rental senior week

This might come as a bit of a surprise, but many, if not most, of our customers in June are recently-graduated high school seniors.

Watersports are huge for Senior Week in Ocean City. Jet skis and paddleboards are the most popular options for seniors, and whichever one the individual chooses will depend on their desired level of thrill: Paddleboards can be plenty relaxing and also a great source of exercise, while jet skis are fast, powerful and electrifying. 

The only stipulation is that seniors who are under 18 will have to have an adult 21 or older, with ID, sign for them. Texting and emailing have made that pretty easy — mom, dad or whoever else can simply text or email us a photo of their ID, and then we’ll send them the paperwork, and they’ll fill it out and send it back to us. (Back in the day, we had to go through that process via fax. Not fun.) 

Paddleboards are pretty tame, but jet skis, while fun, are giant pieces of equipment that have to be used correctly, or bad things can happen. At Odyssea, we’ve always prioritized safety first, which is something we like to emphasize especially to our senior weekers.

“They’re a blast, they’re a lot of fun but they can hurt you if you don’t take it seriously,” our owner Ron told in 2017

Jet skis don’t have breaks. They weigh more than 1,000 pounds. They can turn on a time and reach mesmerizing speeds. But if you take a minute to learn how to use them and remember that the only real danger is inattention, there might not be a better way to spend an hour on the Assawoman Bay.

Every time an individual or a group of individuals goes out on a jet ski, there will be guides in the water to keep them safe. There’s one guide assigned to every excursion, and two if there are more than five people going out. They have whistles and training, they’re in constant radio contact with the main base and, most importantly, they’re focused on making sure everyone has as much fun as possible without being careless.

As long as you follow our jet ski protocol, which we’ll always go over before you go out, and stay aware of your surroundings on the water, you’ll have a fantastically fun and totally safe time. We can’t wait for our usual influx of senior weekers this June — there’s nothing better than seeing the smile on someone’s face when they’re having fun on the water!