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Ocean City: First Snow of the Season



Yesterday marked a special day for Ocean City as it was the first snow we saw so far this Fall/Winter season. Being that we are two weeks before Thanksgiving and the trees still have a fair amount of leaves, this had taken many off guard. This morning there was still a little reminder of our marshmallow world, but it was more like a dusting of powdered sugar instead of dollops of Fluff covering the surroundings.

Temperature Fell

We saw a dramatic change in temperature in one day, and that is why we not only saw the flaky, feathers of snow, but it was prefaced with rain and then freezing rain. The temperature began at 60 °F (at 12:54 am) by 11:54pm it dropped to  31 °F. In retrospect, we should have expected some form of freezing precipitation.

Snow Does Not Stay Long

The snow has put us in a longing mood for the classic images of the holiday season, but like this storm and ones that came before it, Ocean City will see the snow go out as quick as it comes in. In November our average temperature is 56°high / 44° low. Definitely, not cold enough for making snow and certainly not snow that sticks around.

Ways to Make It Feel More Like the Holidays

No need to fret though, we can still have our holiday festivities, we may just need to improvise a little. Why not indulge in the wonderful time of building a snowman? Yes, we have already established that snow is at an ultimate premium, so let’s make a sandman! Heck we have enough sand, we can make his whole family!

Perks of OC After October 31

If you are here in Ocean City now the parking is FREE! Grab friends and family and head over to the beach where, guess what? The beach is free too! (It is actually free all year round!) Make sure to come with essentials and dress for the chillier weather. Keep in mind you will be sandy, but it’s not fun unless you get a bit dirty!!

Things you will need – One for each person:

  • buckets
  • shovels

Things you will need – to decorate:

  • scarf
  • mittens
  • stones/coal
  • carrot
  • branches

or Make it More Ocean Themed:

  • pebbles
  • shells
  • sea glass
  • drift wood

Your “snowman” can be as personalized as you want it.

Make sure you get everyone to pitch in. Have them fill their pails with wet sand to the point that they can still lift it up. Wet sand  holds up best, but it is heavier than dry sand. Don’t make a pail too heavy.

Once you have your pile of sand as tall as you want it, make sure it is wide enough to carve away at. You won’t be able to roll a traditional ball of snow so this is the next best course of action. Here again, be creative, it could have three sections, or it could be more cylinder like, there is no wrong snowman. The perfection is in the joy of creation and being with your loved ones!