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Ocean City bayside restaurants accessible by our pontoon boats!


To us, the perfect day is one spent on the water. When we’re feeling adventurous and seeking a little thrill, we hop on the jet skis (the Seadoo Trixx when we’re feeling especially wild!), but when we just want to enjoy the sights of OC and the smell of the salty ocean air with our friends and family by our side, that’s when we get on the pontoon boat.


Pontoon boats are the perfect way to spend precious vacation time with loved ones. They’re also one of the best ways to take in the beauty and wonder that is Ocean City in the summertime – when the skies are blue and clear, and later when the sun sets and casts vibrant pink, orange and purple shades across the peninsula.


We’ve already written about what our pontoon boats have to offer. Now, here’s a quick guide on where you can take them. You can, of course, just drive across the bay for the entirety of your two, four, six and even eight-hour rental, but there’s a good chance you’ll get hungry when you pass some of Ocean City’s most famous bayside restaurants and smell what they’re serving for dinner.


Here are a few of the most popular restaurants that can be accessed by our pontoon rentals:


Seacrets: If you’re a regular visitor of Ocean City, then you’re probably more than familiar with Seacrets Jamaica USA. Seacrets can be quickly and easily accessed by boat, and once you’re there, you can eat in the water, too. On a hot summer day, it’s not uncommon to see hundreds of diners drinking, dining and having the time of their lives in Seacrets’ waterfront dining area. You’ll find Seacrets bayside on 49th Street.


Macky’s: Macky’s is another top-notch waterfront restaurant that’s especially known for its sunset views. They’re also a pet-friendly restaurant, so if your dog is on the boat with you, they can eat with you outdoors and even order something from the doggie menu. Macky’s is located bayside on 53rd Street.


De Lazy Lizard: De Lazy Lizard is a fantastic lunch and dinner spot for kids and grown-ups alike – kids like the expansive play area, while adults gravitate toward the open-air bar and live entertainment that occurs nightly in the summer. You’ll have to go a bit further to get to this locale, though – De Lazy Lizard is located bayside on 1st Street.


Fish Tales: Another restaurant with a popular kids play area, Fish Tales is a fun spot for the whole family. Boaters like to drop anchor and hang out at the dock bar, or otherwise claim a table and enjoy a fresh seafood-centric meal. Fish Tales can be found bayside on 22nd Street.


Hooper’s: If you want crabs, you want Hooper’s. And a benefit of dining at Hooper’s is that the surrounding water is shallow, so many boaters stop at the sandbar to get out, stretch their legs and spend a little time on land. Hooper’s can be found in West Ocean City just before the Route 50 bridge.