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New Area for Pontoon Boat Rentals to Explore in Ocean City, MD

Your Pontoon Boat Riding Area has Expanded when renting a boat from Odyssea Watersports and we feel you will really enjoy this new location for family fun on the water!

We’ve heard your feedback, we’ve noticed a consistent problem, we’ve unbeached many boats, and are now making adjustments to help make your boating experience even better than it has been! We feel you will really enjoy this new peaceful and beautiful location. During our days off on Saturdays, our family has been taking a boat out to not only have a fun family outing but to also explore new areas for our boat rental customers to visit. The past two Saturdays we have been to the St Martin’s River and have had a blast! Even on a Saturday, there was much less boat traffic than there typically is around the downtown area.

Previously, when renting a pontoon boat from Odyssea Watersports, you were allowed to take your pontoon boat anywhere between the route 90 bridge and the route 50 bridge. It was a nice area to explore Ocean City, MD by water but the navigation can be difficult in areas downtown which has created problems for our customers and for our boats as well. Safety is of utmost importance (read Safe Boating Tips) and we feel that this change creates a safer boating experience.

Where is the New Riding Area Located?

St Martin’s River, which is located under the farthest Route 90 bridge from Odyssea Watersports (see 1st map photo below). By boat, it may take 10 mins to get there and it’s an easy drive straight across the bay. You are now allowed and encouraged to travel under the route 90 bridge to the St Martin’s River. There is a nice beach, beautiful scenery, less boating traffic and good water for swimming.

New maps of the area are on our boats and we recommend asking our boat instructors about the new area. (pictured below)

Map of the bay in Ocean City, MD

A short and easy drive from Odyssea Watersports.

map of the St Martin's River

Your new boating peaceful and beautiful boating location, with a beach located by the Route 90 Bridge!

This new area is beautiful and there are no sandbars to worry about as long as you stay close to the middle of the waterway. There is a nice beach to pull up to and you can do some exploring along the way. Check out these cool trees, the one below seems like it’s floating! We’d love to see your photos of your boating trips! Tag Odyssea Watersports on Instagram or Facebook.


a close up of a tree

Find the floating tree, Take a photo of it or a selfie, and tag Odyssea Watersports on Instagram or Facebook.

a body of water with a dead tree

The beach (pictured below) is nice to walk around and explore. Anchor your boat out in the water off the beach and swim up to land or if there is room, you can pull your boat right to the beach and anchor it there. The trees help provide a little shade depending on the time of day it is, which is nice on these hot summer days.

Boat pulled up to a beach

Nice beach area to play and explore

At the same time, we are encouraging you to NOT visit the sandbar that’s located at Hoopers Crab House (pictured below). This is where boaters get into trouble of getting stuck on a sandbar, damaging the prop of the boat, or worse case, damaging the lower unit (expensive!) of the boat. It’s a difficult area to navigate even with the maps and instructions that we provide for each renter. When you look at the water from your boat, there seems to be plenty of water but unless you are in the channel, there may not be any water at all.

dangerous sand bar

Downtown area by the Route 50 Bridge

Why Are We Making This Adjustment?

There have been an increasing amount of our customers getting boats beached or hitting the very shallow areas which are causing issues with props and potentially with the motors of the boats. From a customer standpoint, it is not any fun getting stuck and it ends up wasting the rental time and could become costly if there is any damage done to the boat.

We want our customers to enjoy their time boating and not be stuck on sand bars and for these reasons we have decided to make the adjustment in the best interest of our customers and equipment. If you have prior EXPERIENCE with the waterways in Ocean City, Md and you definitely want to go to the sandbars, please mention this to one of our boating instructors upon arrival. We realize that some of you so have the experience of navigating the channel downtown with no issue so we do not want to deny you of going there.

For questions, concerns, or more information please contact us using the contact information below.

Contact Information:

📲 Call 410-723-4227

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