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Need for Speed: H20i in the water

Ty pulling a wheelie on Seadoo Trixx

The unofficial H20i event is in Ocean City, Maryland this weekend, and if you have had your fun showing off your car, but are ready for some speed IN THE WATER, Come to Odyssea this weekend! This is the last weekend Odyssea is open! Grab a jet ski while you can!

Seadoo Rental Ocean City, MD

The Seadoo Trixx is great option for H20i crowd! You can “Pop-wheelies” with just a little training from the Odyssea staff! That isn’t it: 360 spins & powerslides are in your future! If you want to share the experience, you can share your time with a friend by letting each person come back and ride solo, but let’s be honest, you know you want all the time for yourself!

Park your ride & ride the waves! Put the summer of 2019 in the books the right way!

On the water fun