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MEGA Giveaway with Prizes from Ocean City Businesses


Odyssea is Treating Fans to Mega Giveaway of Ocean City Business Prizes

When does it start?

BIG Giveaway Begins February 3rd.

Why do another contest?

Odyssea’s goal is to say Thank You to our fans and visitors of Ocean City, and help promote local businesses as well. We are all about fun and excitement so why not conjure up some through April?!?!

Why now?

We chose those dates to welcome in the start of the new summer season. It may be a little to cold to feel the spray from a jet-ski, but it is never too cold for some fun and to get in touch with our fans!

How Does the Contest Work? 

Each week starting in February and ending at the end of April, we will give our viewers an opportunity to have their name entered into the Grand Prize.

Monday or Tuesdays: We will have a live Q & A with Local Businesses. Note to Contributing Businesses: We are offering this to our donators as well. If you or someone in your company would like to go Live with us for a Q & A we can set that up.

Wednesday: We will have a Live Trivia Night, on Facebook and Instagram. The questions will come from the previous Live Q & A. Followers make sure to watch on Monday or Tuesday so that you can answer correctly. 

Fridays: 8 am on Facebook: We have a “Guess the random Number“. Simply put, we say guess a number between 1-500 and on Monday morning we use Google Random number generator to have the number chosen. If you guess the exact number, win 3 entries into the giveaway. If no exact guesses then the closest guess wins 1 entry.

Friday or Thrusday:Instagram Page: We have a Caption Contest. The caption with most “Likes” wins an entry into the giveaway plus an extra prize from a local business.

How Do Fans/viewers get their name entered for the Mega Giveaway?

For trivia night, the first person to answer the question correctly wins 1 entry. (up to 14 name entries each trivia night)

For guess the random number, if someone were to guess the exact number then they win 3 entries. If no one guesses exactly then the closest guess wins 1 entry.

Caption Contest winners will earn 1 entry.

Entries for sharing our broadcasts on Facebook are randomly awarded as well.

At the end of April, all the names will go into a bucket and we will do a Live broadcast to randomly pull a name out and that person will win the Mega Grand Prize of all the donations that are inside. We will have music and kids shooting confetti cannons. It is a fun and special event!

How Can a Local Business Join in the Fun?

Odyssea has already started collecting a ton of prizes. (Last year the Grand Prize was valued at $3,000 from 30+ business donations). There is no cost to join and we just ask for any type of donation.  Types of donations:

  • Shirts
  • Stickers
  • Gift certificates
  • Hotel stay
  • Coolers
  • Hats
  • Photography prints
  • and more!

There is still time to contribute. Please send in your prizes by the end of January. (BUT prizes can be accepted once the giveaway begins. We don’t want to turn any business away if they are interested.)

How will Odyssea promote your business?

  • Any business that donates will have a photo of their donation posted inside our Facebook Grand Prize Event page, Facebook story, Instagram Story and more.
  • During the Live broadcasts, the donations will be behind Justin for viewers to see. Each business will also get shoutouts during the Lives events as we show off the donations.
  • We will tag and mention your business in different posts throughout the contests
  • Lastly, if you have someone who would be willing to sit down with me to do a Live Q & A,  we are offering that as well. This is a great opportunity for our viewers to get to know your business and ask questions about it. Then the Trivia Night questions would come from your Q & A so it would be a great promotional tool.

This is all for promoting businesses while giving our fans a fun and exciting activity to play along with.  Please see our Contact Us Page to reach out and participate.