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Maintaining Your Jetski’s Jet Pump: A Guide to Ensuring Peak Performance

up close of broken bearings in a seadoo jet pump

Bearings exploded in this jet pump, and a complete rebuild needed

When should you have your jet pump serviced on your jetski?

Jetskis offer exhilarating water adventures, allowing riders to glide through waves and feel the rush of the open water. But to keep the thrills coming, proper maintenance is essential, especially when it comes to the heart of your jetski’s propulsion system: the jet pump. In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of jetski jet pump maintenance, exploring why it’s crucial and how often you should consider servicing or rebuilding it. The Odyssea Jet and Prop shop located in Ocean Pines, MD offers jet pump servicing, maintenance, and inspection. Contact them today to schedule an appointment to have your jet pump inspected before major damage occurs. 


Understanding the Jet Pump:


The jet pump is the powerhouse behind your jetski’s performance. It’s responsible for sucking in water and forcefully expelling it to propel the jetski forward. This mechanism makes jetskis agile and capable of performing impressive maneuvers. However, like any mechanical component, the jet pump undergoes wear and tear over time.


Factors Influencing Maintenance Frequency:


  1. Manufacturer’s Recommendations: Your jetski’s owner’s manual is your go-to source for maintenance guidelines. Manufacturers provide insights into how often you should service or rebuild the jet pump. These recommendations are often based on extensive testing and research specific to your jetski model.
  2. Usage Patterns: How often do you take your jetski out for a spin? Frequent usage can accelerate wear on the jet pump. If you’re an avid rider, you might need more frequent maintenance.
  3. Water Conditions: The type of water you ride in matters. Saltwater is more corrosive than freshwater, which can lead to faster degradation of pump components. If you frequent saltwater environments, it’s wise to increase maintenance frequency.
  4. Maintenance Practices: Proper care can significantly extend the lifespan of your jet pump. Regularly flushing the pump with fresh water after each ride, inspecting for debris, and cleaning can prevent damage and decrease the need for frequent servicing.
Jet pump damage

Small damage can create costly repairs if not found early

When to Consider Maintenance:


  1. Hours of Operation: A common rule of thumb is to consider jet pump maintenance every 50 to 100 hours of operation. However, the quality of those hours—rough water, shallow areas—should also influence your decision.
  2. Unusual Signs: Pay attention to any unusual noises, vibrations, or decreased performance while riding. These signs might indicate issues with your jet pump that require attention.
  3. Regular Inspections: Regularly inspect the jet pump and related components for wear, damage, or debris. Catching issues early can prevent major problems down the line.
  4. After Each Riding Season: It’s good practice to have your jet pump inspected after the season to help prevent costly damages. Have your jet pump pulled off to inspect bearings, seals, and grease.

Consulting the Experts:


If you’re uncertain about your jetski’s maintenance schedule, it’s wise to seek advice from certified mechanics or dealers. They have the expertise to tailor maintenance recommendations to your specific jet ski model, usage patterns, and water conditions.

fishing line found on a seadoo driveshaft

Fishing line found on the driveshaft



Your jetski’s jet pump is a critical component that contributes to its performance and longevity. Regular maintenance, as outlined in your owner’s manual and influenced by factors like usage, water conditions, and inspection practices, can help ensure your jetski provides years of exhilarating rides. By taking proactive steps and being attentive to your jet pump’s needs, you’ll keep your jetski at its peak performance and enjoy countless unforgettable adventures on the water.

Don’t hesitate to give the Odyssea Jet and Prop Shop a call for questions or to schedule an appointment.

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