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Keeping Balance on the Stand Up Paddleboard

Paddle Boarding in Ocean City, Md

For the beginner stand up paddleboarder, one of the greatest challenges can simply be staying upright and keeping balance on the board. 

There’s nothing wrong with falling in the water a few times, but it can definitely be frustrating when you can’t seem to stay on your board for longer than 15 seconds. Here are a few tips to keep in mind next time you decide to stand up paddleboard (SUP). 

It starts with the equipment: The larger you are, the larger a board you’ll need. The width of the board is of utmost importance to how well you can balance on it, so wider boards are typically preferred by beginners. 

Getting on: Start on your knees, right around the middle of the paddle board where the handle is, for optimum balance. If you’re too far back, the tail will sink. If you’re too far forward, the tail might stick up out of the water. 

Standing up: Look forward, not down at your feet! If you’re looking at your feet while standing, you might find yourself losing balance and falling over. Keep your knees slightly bent while you stand, and keep your weight evenly on both feet rather than leaning too much on one foot or the other.

If you do start to lose balance: Bend lower, and keep your paddle in the water. The further you stick your paddle to the side, the more stability you’ll have. 

The key is to stay in the middle of the board, keep your knees slightly bent and gaze forward, not down. And if you do fall off the board… Try, try again!