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How to Earn FREE Cryptocurrency

earn free crypto

This is not a list of ALL the apps and bonuses but only the ones I use and bonuses I have earned! The digital world of cryptocurrency and NFT’s continues to grow each and every day but you are still EARLY in the game. Whether you have experience with the exciting digital world or if you are new but want to learn more, this blog will help get you started. It can feel overwhelming which is why I have only a few options listed. This is a great way to not only earn free crypto but also a great way to learn and gain knowledge.

Please remember this is not financial advice and you should only invest with money you are willing to lose. When using the referral codes provided below, you can earn free crypto, stocks, or cash and we will also earn them! Together we can help one another invest and learn about the new age!

Coinbase: Earn $10 in FREE Bitcoin

This is my favorite app as of now but it’s just my opinion. It’s easy to use, there are many crypto coins to choose from and the FREE crypto is incredibly easy to claim. For real! You simply watch videos within the Coinbase app, answer a few questions and that’s it! I’ve earned $30 worth of different crypto coins, plus, I’ve learned about the digital world of cryptocurrency.

Sign Up Bonus for First Time Users

  • How to earn it:
    1. Sign up with our referral link: click here
    2. Fill out the required info
    3. Initiate a buy or sell of $100 USD or more within 180 days of opening your account.
      • Or 100 USD equivalent of your domestic currency
    4. Receive your sign-up bonus within 4 days of completing an order
  • Terms: The $100 USD purchase can be one transaction or multiple buys


Robinhood: Earn a FREE Stock

Robinhood is more for trading stocks but they do have cryptocurrency as well. Many of you may be aware of Robinhood because of the Dogecoin craze! If you sign up by clicking here, connect your bank account, and just like that you earn a FREE stock!

Robinhood is currently working on a Crypto Wallet, you can sign up for their waiting list and be one of the first ones to get in.

Paypal: Earn $10 in FREE cash

  • Use my link (here) to buy your first $5 of crypto with PayPal and we can both get $10 cash!
  • Paypal is pretty well known but they have just started getting into crypto coins. There are not many options but the ones the do have are solid coins to invest in.

Updates will Continue:

This list will be updated as I continue to try different apps and learn more about bonus opportunities and I recommend saving this blog to refer back to. There are many more apps that you can use for trading cryptocurrencies and stocks or for buying/selling NFT’s but for me, these are the easiest and most simple apps to use for most users.

Have an app that you love to use and it’s not listed here, please share it with us! We are happy to sign up using your referral code if we do not currently use the app!

It is recommended that you do your own research before making any financial decisions. The above information is from apps I currently use after doing my research I am comfortable using them. Please invest wisely. These bonuses can change at any time depending on the app.

Email [email protected] or DM us at @odysseawatersports on Instagram or Facebook with any questions or to share what you have learned.

Odyssea Watersports accepts Cryptocurrency as a form of payment using the Coinbase app for any watersport rental and sales.