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How much experience do I need for Ocean City watersports?

Odyssea Watersports Jetskis

Occasionally, when people inquire about Odyssea and all that we have to offer, they’ll also ask, “how much experience do I need to do something like this?”


And sometimes they’re surprised by the answer – because, in short, the answer to how much experience one needs to partake in watersports and boating at Odyssea is: absolutely none!


We give detailed instruction before anyone gets on the water on their pontoon, jet ski, paddleboard or kayak, so paying attention to our instruction is all the experience you need.


Any beginner can quickly learn how to operate all of our equipment – even the Seadoo Trixx! It helps to have a little bit of jet ski background to jump right into riding the Seadoo Trixx, but we’ve also seen riders with absolutely no experience take to it like a fish to water.


A man doing a wheelie on a jet ski & posing for a picture

It might look like it’s for the professionals, but anyone can ride the Seadoo Trixx.


With jet skis, our employees are always on the water with you, so if and when you need help, they’re there in an instant.


Even with boats, we provide renters with our phone number, so if they have any questions, they can just give us a call from the water. We’ve even driven out to the boats to help renters in the past.


Paddleboards can be tricky if you don’t know how to balance (though this article can help you out), but there’s no shame in sitting on the board and just relaxing on the bay!


If you’re worried that your lack of experience on the water might hinder your experience, let us assure you that you have nothing to worry about. Even jet skis are really easy once you get the hang of it, and we’re always here to help!