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3 Contests – One Running NOW!

Odyssea Loves Treating Our Fans

We are excited to announce our latest giveaways!! If you haven’t heard (we will only judge a little…get on social media so you don’t miss out anymore.) Odyssea is gifting our friends with a series of three Prize Pack Contests! We are currently in the middle of our first Prize Pack Contest, and the winner will be announced October 28. The second contest starts on October 28th, and awarded November 11. The third will follow suit with a November 11 start and end on November 25.

Here is how you can participate with a chance to win. Watch our Facebook and Instagram pages on the specified day. (follow us and make sure you are getting notified about our pages):


7:30 pm: Live Q&A or Blog post feature. We will interview someone or highlight a blog post.


7:30 pm: Live Trivia Night! Questions will come from trivia from Monday’s live broadcast. Five questions will be asked. The person who answers correctly first will have their name entered into the Prize pack drawing. (5 people on FB and 5 people on IG will be entered)

Fridays (& Thursdays)

Guess a Number. Pick a number between 1-500.  (doesn’t get simpler than that) The contestant who guesses the number exact will win 3 entries into the Prize pack. If no guesses are exact then the closest guess will win 1 entry. (On Instagram, will happen on Thursdays some weeks. Watch for our announcements.)
Just so you know, players can have their name entered more than once!! Winners of trivia questions and the random number will be entered into the drawing. With the games running on our social media platforms you can play anywhere you have your phone, tablet, or laptop — your living room, your grandma’s house, the local pub, the movie theater(but you know you will get the stink eye from your fellow cinema watchers – don’t do that), anywhere! We can’t wait to hear from ya no matter where it is.
If you are worried about your chances with our current contest because you are starting late, the next giveaway starts on October 28th, but why not start now and try to win some great prizes?!
***Prize packs will spotlight great items from local businesses!***