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Haunting Near OC

What Is Your Pleasure: Spooky, Scary, or JUST PLAIN HAIR-RAISING!

If spooky season is something that gets you excited, then we welcome you to our neck of the woods. The Easter Shore has its share of history & depending on who you asked, the “history” may not have moved on

Are you the adventurous sort? Do you want more than a track through the woods during a full moon? Is cast of actors clad in make-up featuring gaping wounds, not your speed? Would you like to “feel” the spirits around you?

Ocean City, the surrounding area, & Maryland as a whole, have places that have caught the attention of paranormal seekers. If you go, let us know how you fare, that is IF you can muster the gumption to recall the events….


Buildings to visit

Henry Hotel in Ocean City, MD.
Henry Hotel is abandon now, but once a segregated hotel.People have seen spirits and heard music playing although it is empty.

Atlantic Hotel in Berlin, MD
Much like the Shining, a three wheel bike is part of the fear that lingers in this still working hotel. It has been said that a girl on a tricycle rides her bike in halls.

Adkins Hardware Store in Berlin, MD
Customers have been heard walking in the aisles, but when checked on for assistance no one is there. Some believe it to be of a past owner that died in the store trying to finish his work.

More than a trek in the woods 

One of the highest grossing, scary movies of all time was the Blair Witch Project, if you want to experience the movie first hand Seneca State Park in Gaithersburg, MD is where it was filmed. Although the story is fictional and only a movie, with just a flash light and a video camera, things could get very interesting. Who doesn’t love camping, and let’s add a little twist to make it more exciting! Bring a friend for support and to verify your story.

If you want to find out more about these places and would like a guide, offers Ghost Walks