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Fun, family-friendly games to play on the pontoon boat

Pontoon Boat Rentals

The adults know that nothing in the world is better than sitting back on the boat and simply watching the sea and skyline pass before your eyes.


The kids… well, the kids can be a little more impatient. 


So if you’re bringing the entire family on the pontoon boat, it may not be so relaxing depending on the ages of your kids, but it will at least be super-fun! Keep them occupied with engaging games that can be played on the pontoon boat — some simple board games that you’re welcome to bring aboard (Walmart in Berlin surely has them all), some water games, and some that require no boards, cards or playing pieces whatsoever.


  1. Cornhole

You don’t need to lug a heavy board and beanbags aboard your boat, because as it turns out, inflatable cornhole is a thing. On Amazon you’ll find a number of water-friendly, inflatable cornhole games like this one that you can take in the bay with you or play on deck.


  1. Twister

Who doesn’t love Twister?! This game is fun for kids and grownups to play together, or just kids, or just grownups after they’ve had a few drinks. If the water is choppy, then Twister is all the more challenging, and you’ll be sure to remember that particular game. 


  1. Battleship

You sunk my battleship! This is a game that’s perfect for a competitive family and it just so happens to match the theme of the day: being on the water (though luckily, we don’t think anyone will try to sink your pontoon).  


  1. Basketball

You don’t need to take the entire court with you — this net will clamp on to the side of your boat, and you can play right from the water. It’s still basketball, but just a splash more fun than the typical game. 


  1. Chicken

It’s a classic water game with no materials required. All you need is four people, two with strong enough shoulders to hold up their teammates. Try to knock the opposing player off their teammates’ shoulders and into the water. The landing is soft, and the only thing that might get bruised is your pride. 


  1. Cannonball contest!

Who can make the biggest splash?