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Early morning boating: The best way to start the day

Boats are fun for all ages

Most people have a morning ritual when they’re on vacation in Ocean City. For some, it’s getting up early enough to enjoy the sunrise over the ocean while drinking a hot cup of coffee on the hotel balcony. For others, it’s a brisk walk or bike ride on the Boardwalk. Some will take their dog on a walk in Northside Park, while others will hit their favorite breakfast spots in town for eggs, bacon and that famous Eastern Shore scrapple. 

Some people might even spend the morning sleeping in. And we wonder, how can you sleep in when there’s so much to do in Ocean City and so few hours in the day?! 

An early morning boating excursion with the Odyssea Watersports fam.

Just kidding. You deserve to sleep in on vacation. But we have another recommendation that we think, out of all the other morning traditions, is the most fun and the most picturesque: taking the family on the pontoon boat!

Boating in the morning comes with a special sense of quiet and calm that you won’t find anywhere but on the water. 

It’s also the perfect way to capture that highly-sought-after, uninterrupted family time. (And it’s even better if you enact a “no phones on the boat” rule for teenage family members.)

You can’t ask for a better Ocean City view.

You can make a reservation at Odyssea Watersports for 9, 10 and 11 a.m. (and, of course, later in the day, too). Early enough to start your day on a positive note, but not so early that you can’t still take that stroll on the Boardwalk or grab breakfast before you go out. 

What are you waiting for? With only so many hours in every vacation, you want to make sure that each one counts!