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Don’t fall for the myth! Labor Day: Not the last summer weekend

Boating fun with friends

With the weather sites telling us that September’s average temperature is 76° for Ocean City, MD, don’t feel like Labor Day Weekend is the “Last Hurrah.” Help spread the word, Odyssea will be open through September 30th. The after Labor Day hours begin Sept 1st. Weekday hours will be 10am – 5pm and weekends will be 8:30am to sunset. So nothing needs to change, you can buy watermelon, corn-on-the-cob, steaks for grilling, and continue to enjoy your summer. Now that doesn’t mean you need to

 work on Monday, it just means take advantage of ALL of it! Shop the special sales! Go listen to the Outdoor bands! Rent the jet skis and explore the Shore! Just don’t forget all of September! There are four more weeks of September, and plenty of time to continue summering! Heck, October is beautiful too, but you need to be here to know, and we need to stop the myth that perpetuates all over! So let’s start a campaign #keepsummergoing Show how you continue to enjoy the great weather after Labor Day. 

Ways to keep the summer going in Ocean City(just a few because, again, it’s still summer):



This is a big concern with so many. It is definitely a frequently asked question, “Is the boardwalk still open after Labor Day?” The answer: “Yes!” True some businesses don’t stay open all year round, but so many do that the list is too long to put down. 


Volleyball, paddle ball, frisbee, are still great for the sand. Not to mention building sand castles and finding fiddler crabs or the elusive ghost carb during the day.

A picture of the owners & staff taken from a camera buried in sand


It is hard to find a bad day to fish, am I right? In September, flounder, mahi, and white marlin are some fish that are willing to let you fight for more summer release. If a fight is too strenuous for your chillaxin’ time, throw some crab cages in the water and get ready for a feast!

The list continues, if you did it in June, why not do it in September, but the best part of about September in Ocean City is that most have fallen victim to the myth. They have gone back to school or work not realizing they could OWN the beach & the water! Their loss is your gain! Come after “tourist season.” No need to claim your territory with your beach umbrella, and guard your patch of beach. Hoping the boat traffic is low so the draw bridge isn’t going up & down will be unnecessary. Now there will still be line a Thrashers, and the seagulls will still be trying to grab any lost fry, but that is all part of OC summer experience, right? #keepsummergoing