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Pay with Cryptocurrency, Save 10% off your purchase

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10% Off Your Purchase When You Pay With Crypto!

Odyssea Watersports is excited to offer you the option to pay with a new form of payment, Cryptocurrency. Not only do they accept crypto but they will reward you as well by giving you 10% off your purchase. Odyssea does their best to stay up with the times and think about the future and this is just another way they are doing just that. There are not many businesses in Ocean City, Maryland offering this option mainly because it is so new but it’s great to see it starting to be adopted as payment.

What Can I Use Crypto to Pay For?

  • Jetski Rentals
  • Pontoon Boat Rentals
  • Kayak Rentals
  • Merchandise (shirts, hoodies, waterproof bags
  • Watercraft Service Work (limited, please call for details)

How to Pay with Crypto:jetskiers with logos around them

  • Call 410-723-4227 to make a reservation, mention that you will use crypto
  • Upon arrival, please let the cashier know that you would like to use crypto
  • At the time of check-out, open your Coinbase app
  • A manager from Odyssea will have you scan a QR code from their phone
  • Follow the on-screen options to complete your purchase
  • It’s honestly that easy!

What type of Cryptocurrency is accepted?

  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Apecoin, and Litecoin currently

What if I have a different type of Crypto?

  • Ask the manager if you can use a different kind, and he will probably say yes.

Tips paid in Crypto are Now Accepted:

  • After you ride, if you had a great time and you feel like you want to tip the employees (we appreciate your kindness) you can now do this using the Coinbase app. There are QR codes to scan and you can tip with Bitcoin or Ethereum only.

Its recommended that you have your crypto ready to use within your Coinbase app prior to your arrival. Depending on your account, you may need to transfer from your bank or convert one crypto to another.

Please feel free to call 410-723-4227 with any questions or to make your waterports reservations.