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Claim the Key to the ’22 Watersports Season in Ocean City, MD

POAP designs

POAP designsPOAP’s will be the key for 2022 at Odyssea Watersports! They are not only a Proof of Attendance Protocol but they will now be used for Coupons, Raffles, Exclusive Experiences, Discounts, and more. The opportunities are endless and as we learn more and more about these NFT’s, we will be able to offer you more fun and engaging experiences for jet ski rentals and boat rentals during your visit to Ocean City, Maryland.

Ready to claim yours?! All you need is an email address and to engage with Odyssea Watersports in order to be notified of the next POAP opportunity. The best place is on their Facebook and or Instagram pages. You may be wondering why all this talk and conversation about POAP’s, and you have good reason to wonder. Check out our blog here for more details on the what, why, and how of POAP’s

Why is it so important to claim POAP’s?

  • Coupons: POAP’s will become the new coupon in 2022. Due to the increased advertising costs with local advertising agencies, we no longer advertise in many of the coupon books you may see in Ocean City, MD. In order to offer our customers a discount, we will be integrating POAP’s. Example: This week, if you have a “holiday” POAP, you can receive $10 of Jetski rentals.
    • This not only helps with our advertising budget but will also reward customers who engage with us whether it’s on social media, our website, or on location.
    • Discounts may not be offered every day and if there is a discount we will post it on social media and our website.
  • Raffles, Giveaways, Events: There is a new world of opportunities when it comes to offering you, our customer, fun giveaways and events. The more POAP’s you collect, the better your odds are of being able to enter the giveaways but your odds of winning are the same for everyone who enters.
    • For example, we could raffle off Odyssea Watersports merchandise but to enter the raffle you must have the Odyssea 1st Edition POAP on your app. Then everyone who wants to enter and has that POAP will have their name in the pot.
  • Loyalty Program: This is something we are really excited about and think it will be very beneficial for customers. We have many return customers year after year and many of you we have gotten to know very well. Now, you will be able to prove just how many times you have visited! Claim on POAP on every visit to earn rewards and Exclusive Experiences!
    • Examples: This may or may not include the option for a full-power key for jetskiing 🤫
    • Collect 5 POAPs to receive a certain amount off your next rental or maybe even a free rental.
    • These are just two of the many options we are working on and as we get closer to the 2022 season, we will keep you updated.
  • Engagement: This is a new and exciting way to reward our engaging followers and fans. Not only can you have a cool collection but down the road, you can benefit from holding these POAP’s in your digital wallet. We are thankful for each and every one of you so being able to give something more to you besides words is exciting to us!
  • Celebration: POAP’s are a fun way to celebrate special events together! Whether it’s a holiday, a birthday, or even a special event at Odyssea (the record-breaking day you were a part of or an anniversary of our business, etc.)

Important Note: LINKS EXPIRE! If a link to claim a POAP was messaged to you, please click on it unless you do not want the POAP (which is totally up to you). Once a link expires, you will no longer be able to claim that POAP. Typically, links expire after 30 days but we recommend claiming them asap so that you do not forget about them. If you have trouble please reach out to us so we can help where we can. There are things out of our hands but we will do our best.

This is just the beginning! We continue to learn about and work on more options and are excited about a whole new way to interact, reward, and have fun with you and valued customers and friends 🙌🤝