Pontoon Boats

Best Ocean City Jet Ski Rentals x 2

Best Ocean City Jet ski Rental

Best Ocean City Jet Ski Rentals x 2 2 Locations – Double the Fun! We love our customers, & we can’t stand not accommodating requests. Unfortunately, we do get booked up and we can’t offer a service due to capacity. On a positive note, we are so appreciative for your business and happy you keep…

Your Jet Ski Has Shown You Love: Now It’s Your Turn to Reciprocate


2019 Summer has been excellent, and your PWC has been the center of that pleasure! Racing your buds, hopping the best wake, teaching a newbie to ride, taping your best sessions with your GoPro, all of it…

Calm Waters Perfect for Pontoons

Perfect time for pontoon when water is calm

The water is waiting! When the water is a calm as this and looks like glass, it’s time for a pontoon! Pontoons are great for these placid waters of the bay! Get a group of family members or friends or both and slide gently around and enjoy the scenery.

Weekend Still Looking Fantastic Despite Hurricane Dorian


Hurricane Dorian Impact Ocean City saw some heavier winds and larger surf from Hurricane Dorian, but overall Dorian did not make any lasting impact on the town of Ocean City. Visitors saw a…

Early morning boating: The best way to start the day

Boats are fun for all ages

Most people have a morning ritual when they’re on vacation in Ocean City. For some, it’s getting up early enough to enjoy the sunrise over the ocean while drinking a hot cup of coffee on the hotel balcony. For others, it’s a brisk walk or bike ride on the Boardwalk. Some will take their dog…

Fun, family-friendly games to play on the pontoon boat

Pontoon Boat Rentals

The adults know that nothing in the world is better than sitting back on the boat and simply watching the sea and skyline pass before your eyes.   The kids… well, the kids can be a little more impatient.    So if you’re bringing the entire family on the pontoon boat, it may not be…

Ocean City bayside restaurants accessible by our pontoon boats!


To us, the perfect day is one spent on the water. When we’re feeling adventurous and seeking a little thrill, we hop on the jet skis (the Seadoo Trixx when we’re feeling especially wild!), but when we just want to enjoy the sights of OC and the smell of the salty ocean air with our…

See Ocean City fireworks from the water on the Fourth of July

Ocean City Fourth of July fireworks

Ocean City’s favorite holiday of the year is just a few days away — it’s almost the Fourth of July! Every year, the Town of Ocean City provides two fireworks displays. One is downtown on the beach, one is uptown at Northside Park, and midtown, just a block away from Odyssea headquarters at 50th Street,…

Tips for Boating With Dogs

Odyssea dog

Take your entire family out on the pontoon boat — even the furry, four-legged members. At Odyssea Watersports, we make it easy for everyone to have fun on the water, including the family dog. Boating with dogs makes for an awesome summertime adventure; they love it, and their owners love seeing them have the time…

Enter Odyssea’s Yeti Cooler Giveaway and you could win over $2,600 of Ocean City Swag


Odyssea Watersports enjoys offering contests and giveaways throughout the year for their customers and fans. It is one of their ways to give back and show appreciation for all the love and support over the years. Being able to interact with the fans in a fun and exciting way during the off-season to stay connected….