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Bad weather policy for watersports in Ocean City, Md

Storm cloud of the bay in Ocean City

What happens if there is bad weather on the day of your reservation? 

It’s vacation time and we do not want you to stress about the weather. You have enough going on and things to think about when it comes to a fun family vacation in Ocean City, Md. We are a family business and we will do what it takes to accommodate you the best we can. This blog will go over different situations, questions we are asked about the weather, and what our policy is. If you still have a question or would like us to explain it more, please do not hesitate to call 410-723-4227 or message us on Facebook or Instagram.

Summer storms, especially in beach areas, can pop up with a little to no warning, or maybe they are predicting bad weather but it ends up being sunny for your vacation (this is what we hope happens!) As you know, the weather is one thing you and I can not control, how cool

would it be if we could though. Our goal is to be as accommodating and flexible as we can within reason and the options, we are given.Storm clouds moving in across the bayside of Ocean City

Should I still make a reservation even if they are predicting bad weather that day?

  • Yes, if that is the best day or only day that fits your vacation plans, we do recommend still making a reservation. The weather can change by the hour and the last thing you want to do is to NOT make the reservation and then have the weather turn out to be sunny and the activity you were planning on doing is now booked for that day.

I already made a reservation but now it looks like bad weather, what should I do?

  • You have a couple of options here:
    1.  Try to reschedule for a day with better weather predicted, as long as we have availability.
    2.  Hold the reservation and see what happens with the weather.
    3.  Cancel your reservation and receive a full refund 24 hrs in advance notice.

What if we are on the water when a storm rolls in?

  • If it’s just raining, you can continue your ride if you want to. We will pull customers off the water if it becomes dangerous (heavy rain/fog causing limited visibility, lightning, very strong wind to name a few)
  • If you are on a pontoon boat when bad weather arrives and you are unable to get back to our dock, we recommend docking the boat at one of the five waterfront restaurants until the weather gets better. Our boat instructors do their best at keeping an eye on the weather and will alert you prior to going on the water if there is bad weather in the forecast. They are not weathermen/weatherwomen so there may be storms they don’t know about.

Do we get cut short? Do we get our money back? Possibly, but…….

  • Unfortunately, your time may get cut short depending on how long the storm lasts or what time the storm hits the area.
  • Sometimes, a storm may roll in, we have to pull everyone off the water and within 20 mins the skies clear and we are able to send you back out to finish your ride. Other times a storm may last the day or begin late in the day closer to sunset.
  • Here are the options we work with depending on the time and force of the storm:
    1. Reschedule: Depending on how much time you had left and the availability of the activity you were on, we can try to reschedule you to finish your time for the next day.
    2. Voucher: Issue you a voucher for the remaining time to be completed at a later date
    3. Refund: If we are unable to reschedule/voucher your time or wait it out for the storm to pass then we would give you a refund. The amount of the refund depends on how long you were on the water.

How long is a voucher good for?

  • Vouchers are good until the end of the current season. For example: If you receive a voucher in 2021 then it will be good until our 2021 season is over for that activity (mid to late September typically)

Are we able to rebook our reservation?

  • Yes absolutely, as long as the activity is not booked for the day/time you want to reschedule it to. Whether you booked online or by phone, just give us a call and we will work with you on rebooking your activity.

What is the cancellation policy if it DOES NOT rain?

  • A 24-hour cancellation notice is what we ask for on any activity. This way it gives us time to try to book that spot with another customer so we do not lose out on the business. Again, we will work with you so if something happens, please call and we will work with you.
foggy day on the water

Fog can also cause delays and or cancelations of watersport rentals.

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It’s best to reserve your activity early to give you more options for available times. Our activities, especially pontoon boats, do book up daily. You can always reschedule or worse case cancel if need be. We are a family-owned and operated business and we understand what it takes to organize a family vacation. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions at all. We want you to have a fun, relaxing, and stress-free vacation in Ocean City and will do our part to help you accomplish that.

We look forward to seeing you on the water with us on a bright and sunny day in Ocean City, MD! Please call 410-723-4227 for questions and reservations.