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A New Era at Odyssea Watersports, “The Transformation”

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🚨 Important Information for the 2023 Watersports Season 🚨

Bookmark this page to refer back to!

A new chapter begins today, which has been deemed, “The Transformation”. As you have heard recently, the lease for our 50th st location will not be renewed. Read the full story here

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Odyssea Family

It was a memorable 25-year run but it’s time to begin a new era. Things are going to be different but our family, our customer service, our focus on safety, and our drive to provide Ocean City visitors with a fun watersports experience will stay the same.

Throughout the off-season, we will be working to rebrand and update websites, social media, locations, etc. It’s going to be an intense project so hang with us as some information could get confusing until we complete the makeover.

Odyssea Watersports will be our brand name and each location we have will have “Odyssea” in the name as a branch of Odyssea Watersports. There will be one website that will combine all of our locations. Separate pages will be created for specific locations or activities. Online reservations will be available after the new year.


We do not know all the details but here’s what we know so far:

Jetski Rentals will be at our 52nd st location formally known as Action Watersports and will now be named Odyssea Jetski Rentals. This location will be revamped to enhance your experience even more.

Watercraft Service Shop: Our new watercraft service shop in Ocean Pines, MD, Odyssea Jet and Prop Shop, has been a blessing and we want to thank the many customers who have chosen to do business with us.

VIP Jetski Storage will be at 52nd st and we will be doing our best to expand this to accept the storage customers who were at our 50th st location. More options are being discussed internally to find a way to make this work the best we can. More to come.

Boat Rentals: Currently we do not have a boat rental location but are working hard to secure one before the 2023 season. Big challenge but not impossible.

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New and Updated

Social Media Pages:

Odyssea Watersports: This is and will always be our main account and all updates within the Odyssea Watersports brand will be posted here first. We will continue sharing a wide range of content as we’ve always had in the past within our posts and stories.

Odyssea Jetski Rentals: This account will be specifically for our Jetski rental location with updates, tips, safety information, and more.

Odyssea Jet and Prop Shop:  This account will have content about all things that deal with Watercraft service, tips, repairs, sales, and storage.

Odyssea Boat Rentals: A page we made in the event that we find a new location for pontoon boat rentals. It may be a good idea to follow this page if boating is something that interests you while on vacation.

For now, this is all the information we have to update you with but as more updates come about we will be sure to provide the information to you.

Until then, follow our social media pages, bookmark our website and let’s look forward to a new era in 2023!

Love you all,
~ Your Odyssea Family ❤️

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